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Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)  

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

What is FESS?

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is a minimally invasive procedure to ease symptoms of serious sinus issues. FESS is an option for patients that have not previously responded to medical treatments for their sinus condition. Around 80 -90% of patients feel their sinus issue improves following this surgery.

What are the benefits of FESS?

The benefits of functional endoscopic sinus surgery are:

  1. Effective solution to sinus conditions in the majority of patients
  2. Long-lasting relief from sinus issues
  3. The procedure is minimally invasive, leaving no visible scarring
  4. Healthy sinus tissue is preserved and not damaged during the procedure
  5. Fast recovery
How is a FESS performed?

A small tube (endoscope) is gently inserted into the nasal passage under a local anaesthetic. Tools are used to clear the passage of any polyps, bone or disease that may be causing the blockage in the sinus area. This procedure can take up to 2 hours, with patients being able to return home on the same day.

How long is the recovery after FESS?

It is advised to take a week off following FESS surgery, with normal activities resuming after 2 weeks. Full recovery and healing can take a few months.