What is Septoplasty?

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct a deviated septum (a bend in the middle cartilage of the nose). This can be for medical reasons to help improve breathing by opening the airway passage. Patients who have a deviated septum may have difficulty breathing when exercising, eating or speaking. A septoplasty can also be undertaken to improve the cosmetic look and feel of the nose.

What are the benefits of septoplasty?

The benefits of septoplasty are:

  • Improved breathing
  • Improved sleep
  • Symmetry achieved in the face
  • Improved cosmetic appearance
How is a septoplasty performed?

An incision is made inside the nose between the septum, so no scars will be seen after the surgery.  The nasal cartilage running through the centre of the nose is then straightened and fixed in place. Cartilage grafts (bone from inside the nose or from the ear) can also be used to reconstruct the nose, opening out the nasal passage.

If the septoplasty is for cosmetic reasons, then the size and shape of the nose, tip and projection can also be altered along with straightening the nose.

How long is the recovery after septoplasty?

It normally takes around two weeks to recover from a septoplasty. A splint may be worn on the nose for 10 -14 days to limit swelling whilst the nose heals. Bruising and swelling is a normal parts of recovery. Although results will be seen after 2 weeks It can take up to 12 months in some patients for all the swelling to completely disperse and to see the full results of surgery. Exercise can be resumed after 6 weeks.