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Hospital Compliance

The Hamptons Hospital is committed to hospital compliance

The Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order was published by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in October 2014, following a review of private healthcare provision at that time. Full details about the CMA Order can be found here.

Private hospitals are required to publish certain information about their relationship with consultant partners and referring clinicians. We are happy to comply with this requirement in keeping with our values to be fair, honest and transparent at all times.

Please see the required information below:

Higher Value Services Provided to Consultants

The Hamptons Hospital has a number of on-site consulting rooms, which are available to any consultant with Practising Privileges (PPs), on a non-discriminatory basis and on equivalent terms in accordance with the CMA order. Consulting rooms are charged at a fair market rate, as detailed in the table below.

The Hamptons Hospital does not currently provide private secretarial support for consultants, but does freely provide practice management support with auto-generated clinical records via the patient administration system.

The Hamptons Hospital does not offer a fee collection service to consultants, except as a free service to all participating consultants where fees form part of a self-pay package price or NHS Procedure Tariff.

Consulting room rental Details to be provided
Secretarial support Not currently provided
Professional fee collection Not currently provided

Lower Value Services Provided to Consultants

The Hamptons Hospital provides a number of other support services to consultants free of charge.

These are offered equally to all clinicians with practising privileges working at the hospital.

Services to ensure a safe and effective clinical pathway
  • Clinical Governance Framework including Medical Director and Advisory Committee support
  • Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Access to IT systems as appropriate for patient care
  • Outpatient Diary Management
  • Clinic Lists
  • Patient admission administration operational services
  • Access to a safe clinical environment
  • Maintenance of clinical equipment provided by the hospital
  • Chaperone support
  • In-house training including mandatory e-learning modules
  • Monitoring professional and clinical documentation
  • Monitoring of compliments, complaints and incidents via Radar Healthcare system
Workplace amenities

To the extent that amenities are available to staff and persons working at The Hamptons Hospital generally. Including:

  • Business stationery
  • Beverages such as tea and coffee free of charge
  • Free car parking and electric vehicle charging as appropriate whilst on site.
Private Practice Development

The Hamptons Hospital offers support with consultant on-boarding and clinic development, including promotion of the practice of clinicians with valid practicing privileges. Such as:

  • Profile and Photograph on the hospital website and consultant directory listings
  • General marketing collateral (digital, print and merchandise)
  • Educational event speaker opportunities and Referrer relationship building activities
  • Promotional events for potential patient awareness and education

Clinician Financial Interest

Private hospitals are required to disclose the details of any referring clinicians who have a financial interest in the hospital’s facilities or equipment.

Equity Participation Schemes

There are no consultants with financial interests in equipment used or services and facilities operated within or at The Hamptons Hospital.

Consultant Part time positions and payments

Consultants who are part time employed and receive payment will be listed on our website at time of opening. This will include their role at The Hamptons Hospital, including Clinical Advisory Services.

Corporate Hospitality

The Hamptons Hospital has not held or contributed to any corporate hospitality events to date.

Any hospitality events held in future will be designed to support cordial relations within the medical community and will be reasonable and proportionate in value.

Further Information

Further useful outcome statistics for The Hamptons Hospital will be made available on the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) website once the hospital has been operational for a period of time.